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MET-6600 Trauma

  • Dimension: L2130 x W800 mm
    Back raising: 0 ~ 90° by gas-spring
    Knee raising: 0 ~ 40° by manual crank (MET-6600 Adv. Trauma)
    Calf adjustment: 10 steps by ratchet (MET-6600 Adv. Trauma)
    Adjustable height: 580 ~ 930 mm
    Trendelenburg and rev. trendelenburg: -18 ~ 18°
    All dimension come with 3% tolerance

3/4 length collapsible side rail (6 pillar type)

  • Auto-locking when side rail raise up to max height
  • Operation switch locate in the center of rail bottom
Platform: Bakelite
  • 2 sections (MET-6600 Trauma)
  • 4 sections (MET-6600 Adv. Trauma)
Durable hydraulic column by foot operation (locate at head side)
Central locking and steering caster system
  • 8" total brake caster
  • 5th steering caster
  • 360° operation (4 foot pedal)
Anti-crush bumper
  • Wheel bumper on corners
  • Side bumper on both sides
Push handle
  • Front side: Foldable P shape handle
  • Rear side: Foldable P shape handle
ABS chassis cover with oxygen holder and store compartment
X-ray cassette system
  • Full length
  • X-ray cassette max size: 390 x 465 mm
  • Operation handle (on both sides)
  • Track system with film holder
  • Location indicator
  • Mattress with PU foam x 1 unit
  • Diagonal IV pole x 2 units
  • Urinal holder x 2 units
Options: (for MET-6600 only)
MT-01 Instrument tray/ working table/ foot board with strap
MT-02 Detachable ABS file keeper (must work with MT-01)
MT-03 3rd foot pedal (locate in the rear side)
MT-04 Body strap (3 pieces/ set)
MT-05 Vertical oxygen holder
MT-06 Detachable IV pole
MT-07 One hand operation IV pole (2 pcs/ set)
MT-08 Angle indicator for Trendelenburg and Reverse Trend
MT-09 Paper roll holder


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